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9th July 2001

I can't understand how they can get away with this, considering the amount of information and proof you have against them. They class themselves in a more superior class to us, but everybody in this world is entitled to justice so keep up the good work, and I will be logging on for more information in the near future.

best wishes,


7th July 2001

I hope all goes well for u and your family, Ken, and that you get back what is yours.



22nd June 2001

Such an amazing and interesting story, I do hope you will win this battle ..... I wish we could help , but hang in there!!! Best of luck.It would be so nice if our ancestors were related to your mother Ivy Pinn. How romantic!

Lorraine Pinn
Peterborough, Ont. Canada


31st May 2001

Dear both,

Great site.
It really is about time somebody turned your quest into a documentary ... and, when the truth prevails, a blockbusting film! Don't give up!

See you soon
Bob & Linda Morgan


26th May 2001

Hello Ken & Penny,

A very well laid out site!
The links work very well and the story is well written indeed. Its quick to download, and the pictures are small enough to come down without any loss in quality.
I think anybody reading this site would like to find out more, as it does intrigue the reader a lot.
Well done!!

Mark V


24th May 2001

Hi Ken and Penny

Well done on the website, look forward to reading more as it is published.

Stephanie & Richard Thomas
Son of Joyce Thomas (Boucher), Burry Port


4th April 2001

Hi Ken,

I see you're still plugging away, I will keep looking at your website, I know it's been a long struggle, but don't let them get you down, I wish I could come up with something for you other than just my support, it all seems down to DNA and adoption papers.

Anyway for now Ken good luck and best wishes,
your friend and x workmate,
Phil Booth


3rd April 2001

All the very best Ken, hope it all goes well for you.

Norman Croft
Cam Line Fords


22nd February 2001

What a fabulous website you have created. May your quest for the truth never falter. You know you're right, stick with it.


Colin and Margaret


22nd February 2001

Well, my dears what a lovely site. I am very impressed and now your site is on my favourites list so that each time I surf the net I can check for any news.

Ken you are a genius! If this doesn't make the nephew tell you and Penny the truth NOTHING WILL.



22nd February 2001

I have read some of your web site and it's very good.



22nd February 2001

Have visited web site, excellent! speak to you soon

Mike Denman.


22nd February 2001

Go get the b******s, too much of this went on. I hope you find someone out there to give you some financial backing and nail the b******s to the wall.

Graham Williams


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