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Saltoun Hall, Scotland

Saltoun Hall in Scotland had been the family seat of the Fletcher family since 1643, when Sir Andrew Fletcher bought the lands and barony of Saltoun. Sir Andrew was married to Katherine Bruce, a descendant of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland (1274 -1329).

John Theodore Talbot Fletcher lived at Saltoun Hall from time to time but this property appears to have been sold in the 70s or 80s and converted into apartments.

The Fletcher memorial still stands in the heart of the village.

A simple plaque situated discreetly at the entrance of the Fletcher family vaults marks the life of John Fletcher whose ashes are seemingly missing despite a specific request in his Will for them to be interred in the Fletcher family open family burial ground at Saltoun.

In 1953 a memorial window was unveiled in memory of Capt. and Mrs. AMT Fletcher - sadly there has so far been no such memorial for John Theodore Talbot Fletcher.


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